Where field conditions are extreme and machines stress wear parts,
    customers need a product that resists to impact and wear
    not a common part. Here forged wins.

  • Are field conditions
    It's our task.

    Eastern Russia measures three times wear life against competitors
    “… no breakages … and really long life”.

We produce a wide range of forged ripper points for dozers as well as tips and adapters for front-end loaders, back-hoe loaders and excavators.
Our offer is completed by cutting-edges, bolt-on edges, end-bits, ripper shanks and any kind of bucket protections.

The excellent features of resistance to wear and to breakages depend on:
- our long experience in design and engineering
- customized and selected steels
- an integrated process starting from our own automated forging line and completed with the heat treatment and finishing line.
The know-how of our engineers and workers, the consistency made by a fully controlled - by computers and robots - process enable our Customers to benefit from a consistent reduction in running cost per hour of their machines. These are the reasons why top brand earth-moving machines use our products.

Casting cannot obtain the strengthening effects of hot and cold working. The 4.000 Ton Press steers the steel in the mould and makes the parts far stronger. The forging process, surpasses casting in constant strength properties on every single part. Cast parts are made of course grains and contain alloy segregations, imperfections and metallurgical defects. Italricambi forged parts have a uniform grain micro-structure, have a better response to heat treatment and offer higher dimensional accuracy.

made for extreme
made for extreme
made for extreme
made for extreme